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What is A Detailed Anomaly Scan?

Expecting mothers who want to know is their baby is developing normally can  have a detailed anomaly scan performed. This is a type of sonogram shows the growth, well being and also shows the placenta location. You’ll  typically want to have this scan when you reach the 18 to 20 week stage of pregnancy.

What to Expect
A detailed anomaly scan or ultrasound is able to show the baby’s hands and face. Mothers see this as an exciting time as they will be given the opportunity to see an image of their baby to be. The mother may want to have a family member, a friend, or their partner with them to share the experience. Its a great time for early bonding!

The Main Purpose
The reason to have an ultrasound or detailed anomaly scan is to make sure the baby is developing at the expected rate. A sonographer will be able to tell if there are any obvious signs of concern. If there are any issues with the scan, then a doctor or specialist will review the results.

Secondary Purpose
Mothers may also want to know the sex of their baby. This is a simple question the sonogarpher is able to answer should you want to find out but, if not, it’s no problem. A mother can also be given a printed image of the scan to take home.

Is a Scan Necessary
This is a routine exam that most pregnant women have to make sure the pregnancy is progressing as it should.

The Scan Process
An ultrasound scanner is use to show the mother the scan in real time. The scan will take about 15 – 30 minutes to complete. The mother will be shown the parts of the baby’s body, such as the hands and face, and listen to the heart beat.

What is Seen on the Scan
The sonographer will be evaluating various aspects of the baby. This includes the structure and the shape of the head. If there are any obvious brain and heart problems but rest assured that  these provlems for most expectant mothers is very rare.