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Thank You Anthony & Gloria


We see lots of of babies before they are born but it’s a rare treat when we get to see a photo of them after they are born.

Today, Anthony & Gloria were kind enough to send us a picture from their 3D scans they had with us and a picture of their beautiful baby girl after she was born.

The 3D image was taken at 25 weeks and the photo on the right is when is she is 18 months old. Many thanks for Anthony and Gloria for taking the time to send us these photos!

Kindest regards,
The Ultrasound Dimensions Team.

Referring Physician Reviews

“The standard of service is in excess of expectations. The scope of scanning and standards of reporting are excellent.”

Dr. Conor O’Toole

“My patients have been availing of the ultrasound services for over 18 months and find it excellent. There is easy access for primary care doctors, a fast turn around of results allowing speedier diagnoses and management.”

Dr. Paul Carson Slievemore Clinic

Kind words from Karen


Dear Ultrasound Dimensions,

I thought you might like to see how accurate the scans turned out, with pictures of my daughter at 10 months old & her 3d scan at 22 weeks. It is a fantastic service you offer & if we are lucky enough to have more children in the future that we will be sure to return for another scan.

All the best,