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Pregnancy Scans in Dublin

Pregnancy Scans in Dublin:

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman’s life. With today’s modern technology, you can use pregnancy scans to watch your baby grow, check for anomalies, or determine the gender before birth. During a scan, sound waves are sent into your womb. When these waves come in contact with solid objects, such as your baby, it creates a live image that can be seen on a screen. These scans are not harmful for you or your baby, so don’t be afraid to schedule an appointment or contact us for more information.

Pregnancy scans are conducted by a sonographer or midwife. They will apply gel on your stomach that will help to transfer the sound waves and make it easier to move the hand-held scanning device over your skin. If you are doing a scan very early in your pregnancy, it is a good idea to drink lots of water beforehand so that your full bladder will force the uterus into a better viewing position. Neither you nor your baby will experience any discomfort from the scan.

There are many types of pregnancy scans. They include:

Early Pregnancy Scans: These scans are done to confirm a pregnancy and usually occur between the sixth and twelfth week. In this session, your baby’s heartbeat and size will be documented. The size of the embryo will be used to estimate how far along you are and your due date. Scans performed between weeks 12 and 17 are typically used to check for proper development and health.

Detailed Anatomy Scans: These scans are done between weeks 18 and 28. They are used to give the parents-to-be a sense of well-being by checking for defects or anomalies and ensuring that the baby’s organs are developing properly.

Gender Assessment Scans: These scans can be performed between weeks 18-40. After the 18th week, it is usually easy to accurately determine your baby’s gender during a pregnancy scan. This scan will also check to make sure your baby is in the proper position for birth and ensure that there are no obvious complications.

Nuchal Translucency Scans: These scans can be done between weeks 11 and 13. They are done to determine the baby’s risk of developing chromosomal abnormalities such as Down’s syndrome. A blood test is also conducted along with the scan.  A nuchal translucency scan is 90 percent effective at identifying chromosomal defects.

Well Baby Scans: These are usually the last scans performed before the birth occurs. They are used in weeks 34 to 40 to make sure the baby is in the proper birthing position, is at a healthy weight and exhibits good fetal movement. The placental position and amniotic fluid level are also accessed.

Pregnancy scans are an important part of prenatal health. They not only give parents peace of mind about their child’s health and development, they also allow medical professionals the opportunity to identify important conditions or abnormalities that may need to be resolved before or shortly after the child is born.