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Ultrasound Dimensions is now offering ultrasound screening for CCSVI. For more information please read:

Chronic cerebro-spinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) is a syndrome in which the flow of blood in the cervical and thoracic veins to the heart is compromised. It is proposed that insufficient venous blood flow, promotes development of brain dysfunction, possibly multiple sclerosis.

The reported blood flow compromises, involve both reduced and intermittently reversed (reflux) flow velocities and are reportedly associated with stenosis of the jugular and azygos veins. Such a vascular picture was described by Paolo Zamboni in 2008, who also reported an association of CCSVI with multiple sclerosis (MS). The hypothesis has generated optimism and scepticism.CCSVI is currently under research. Examination and treatments are not standard medical methods. The research is still in the beginning phase.

By pursuing this new and potentially promising research direction there is hope that further evidence will support the link between MS and CCSVI, that its treatment may ultimately add to the collection of therapies available for MS patients. There is need for more research and although we believe that CCSVI exists it is still not proven whether CCSVI is a cause of MS or related to MS in some other manner.

Following Dr. Simka's protocol we are offering appointments to screen for any signs of venous compromise within the jugular and vertebral veins using Doppler ultrasound. A verbal impression will be given to you on the day and a Radiologist's report will be sent to you either by post or email shortly thereafter.

• Examination will be performed by a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer specially trained to examine for signs of CCSVI and the findings reported on by a Consultant Radiologist.

• Doppler ultrasound is a screening imaging modality that examines the dynamics of blood flow

• Ultrasound can examine venous response to patient positioning

• Ultrasound can examine the valves in the internal jugular veins

Duration: The CCSVI doppler ultrasound scan takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

Cost: €195.00

For more information or to make an appointment please call us at 01 210 0232 or email us at [email protected]

April 17 2010
I was liberated March 30, 2010 in Katowice, Poland by Dr’s Ludyga and Simka. It is 17 days post op and my balance has improved so much I was able to ride my bicycle 4km for the first in years. I am still in disbelief. My foot drop has gone and so is my limp. My right side of the body is no longer numb. My heat intolerance has gone away. I am so grateful to Dr. Zamboni and the wonderful, kind Dr’s who are willing to help us NOW because they know we cannot wait any longer." - Ginger MacQueen

More Info: Heart Doctor comments on CCSVI

Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre CCSVI Scanning Facilities - UK and Ireland

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