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The Stages of Viewings:

Week 6 - 14: Early Dating Pregnancy Scan

This scan is performed in the range of 6-18 weeks and is used to confirm the viability of the pregnancy i.e. to check baby's heart beat and check that the baby is in the uterus.

Week 14 – 20 Later Pregnancy Scan

For reassurance if an earlier scan has not been performed. We can confirm the age and presence of the pregnancy. Depending at what stage the pregnancy is will dictate how much of the anatomy can be assessed.

Week 20 - 23: Gender Determination

A diagnostic ultrasound should be or should have already been performed by your health care provider. If you still don't know the gender, we are happy to determine that for you.

Week 23 - 33: Best Viewing

This is the ideal time to make an appointment. During this time, amazing activities may be seen such as the baby playing with his feet or giving a big yawn after a quick nap. Often times, baby may be caught looking right back at the screen! Expectant parents love the 26-28 week time frame.

Week 33 - 34: Good Viewing

Want another peek? There is still fairly good movement during the 29-32 week period. If you have already had a 3D 4D Sonogram at 26-28 weeks or if this is your first time, this is your second best opportunity to make an appointment. The sooner the better... so please don't delay!

Week 34 - 37: Unpredictable Viewing

After 32 weeks, it becomes very difficult to get a good view due to the limited movement of the baby at this time. Although we have successfully completed 3D 4D ultrasounds all the way through 37 weeks. We will happily schedule an appointment during this time.

Week 39: Your Due Date!

Congratulations on your new baby! Now you can see your new little one in person and compare him or her to your 3D 4D Ultrasound scan images! Do you have a "before and after" photo? We'd love to see it.

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